An Edge in Negotiating

First and foremost, the agent that represents you will give you the largest edge you need, or be the biggest detriment. An experienced agent will guide your through values and lay out a negotiating strategy based on the values of competing properties as well as recent sales of comparable properties so that you are comfortable writing and offer that they can rationalize to the other agent &/or seller. A good agent will have brought you through the loan qualification process ahead of time as well. And a good agent knows where the land mines lay so that they can get you around them and investigate the property so that there are no surprises after the close of escrow. Being that very property is different, having an agent with experience investigating all types of country properties is very important to getting a firm understanding of any property you intend to buy before you are fully committed. This is also a very small community as I have stated earlier. The agents that specialize in country properties all know each other. So, having the right agent that is known for making a deal work is a big deal to the listing agent and gives them the confidence they need to tell the their clients, the sellers, that ‘this agent is real and someone who knows how to make this a successful transaction and that is many times more important than a bit higher price from someone else with another agent not so respected’. You will be taken much more seriously and have a better ability to negotiate if you have the right person representing you.