Giving Clients an Advantage

As I stated earlier, I like to show a couple of examples properties within different areas to my clients looking to purchase Sonoma County Wine Country properties. I do this to help narrow down the areas to search moving forward but also to give my client a better understanding of values in each area. I then set them up with a private website portal linked directly to our local MLS that tracks the market based on their personal search criteria and keeps us both up to date on new listings, properties getting accepted offers and selling prices for the sold properties over time.

Doing this gives my clients a firm understanding of property values specific to the area and market segment they’re looking to purchase in which in turn helps them feel comfortable with the value of the property they fall in love with when they walk through the door for the first time and their light turns on. Without the knowledge of other sales and competing listings for sale it can be very challenging for a buyer to feel comfortable writing an offer that their agent can get accepted by the property owner. Adversely, an un-represented buyer could find the right property but over-pay because they weren’t represented well and didn’t understand values well enough to know the difference. And last, many times I’ve found the perfect property at the very beginning of my clients search and they didn’t act on it because they hadn’t had time to investigate the market and understand values and the inventory available. After that they compare everything else they see to the property they didn’t act on and it becomes very difficult to fulfill their dream with another property in a timely manner. The moral to the story is an educated buyer sees an opportunity for what it is immediately and has no reservations acting on it in an appropriate manner with the help of their trusted real estate professional.