Three Golden Rules of Buying a Wine Country Property

  1. At risk of stating the obvious, location is always the #1 golden rule of buying any property whether in the wine country or anywhere else. But location also comes with value considerations. Healdsburg values will be much higher than Santa Rosa would have because of the cliché’ Healdsburg has and the demand from second home buyer to purchase there. You will get more for your money in Santa Rosa and still have a gorgeous wine country property. But your address will not say Healdsburg. It’s like comparing Beverly Hills to Pasadena. Both are nice but Beverly Hills will always top the cake.
  2. Don’t settle for a flawed property. Road noise, power lines, railroad tracks, or development potential on neighboring properties are all examples of flaws that you need to steer clear from. In a hot market when everything is selling these type properties with flaws will sell. But in a down market they will sit un-sold unless they’re discounted heavily. Either way, it will always be a problem and will always hold you back from realizing decent appreciation and property value. Make sure the property you buy has privacy, an appealing setting and a good feel. If it has the basics you can fix anything else that may need addressing. But you can’t fix fatal flaws, ever.
  3. Don’t settle on a property that doesn’t resonate with you. Take the time to find a property that turns your light on. When you walk onto the property that fits you will know it right away. Until you feel that, keep looking. New listings are always coming. The right property will find you, or you will find it, given a little time. And if you get bid out of one you love, know that another will come that you will like better and move on to find it. That’s hard to do at the time that you’re told you didn’t win the bid. But it always ends up being true.