Home Selling Tips

Selling any property is a delicate process orchestrated by your listing agent with the cooperation of the property owners. It requires a large investment in time, expertise and hard dollars in order to maximize the properties appeal, marketing presence, handling prospective buyers, other agents, and especially in negotiating the sale to a successful close. Your listing agent makes all the difference. A good agent will be able to maximize the value, and hence the selling price and time on market, as well as foresee any pitfalls in the selling process to maneuver around to help ensure a successful close.


This process is fluid and learned by experience. I tailor it for each property I list and adjust as needed throughout the sales cycle. Believe me when I tell you that you can give the same listing with the same circumstances to two different listing agents and the results will vary widely. Please view my testimonials and client surveys from my past transactions.

Home Selling in 8 Steps…

  • Taking Step One

    The first step in selling your property involves an in-depth inteview for the purpose of understanding your goals and objectives, schecule, and any special considerations you may have. As real estate professionals we have learned to listen to you carefully as you describe your needs. We promise to enhance the selling of your property by walking you through the process stey by step!


    Explanation of the State of Califronia “agency” relationship
    Discuss how commission is paid and distributed
    Provide a complete outline of the property selling process accompanied with a timeline
    Determine and establish clear and agreed upon methods for ongoing communication, such as email, telephone, etc.
    Inspect all documentation including but not limted to sale contracts, disclosures, disclamiers, pest inspection reports, etc. When and if needed a referal to qualified real estate attorney.
    Relocation and mortgage lender assistance will be provided if requested throguh our vast network of lenders and realtors
    The provision of informative and practical advice to assist you making making informed decisions
    Attention to the smallest of details to ensure a smooth and succesful close of escrow



  • Pricing a Property

    The price of a property is one of the most important considerations that a potential buyer considers when looking at a property for sale…

    The preparation and review of a Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) is included in every real estate listing our office handles. A CMA is useful in determing a property’s pricing strategy

    Recommendation of various inspection reports before beginning a marketing campaign and their effect on pricing

    A Seller’s Cost Sheet will be provided to every seller outlining approximate costs of the sale

    The provision of market updates formatted to best suit your needs, including –


    Comparable properties new to the market.
    Recent comparable property sales.
    Comparable property price reductions.
    Comparable property’s expiring or that have been cancelled.
    Information and feedback from other agents and propspective buyers


    Outline your options and make recommendations based on market conditions and your personal situation.

    Advice about your options as they relate to current market conditions and your personal situation

    Pricing strategy review when needed


  • Introduction to Market

    Understandably one of the most common questions a real estate agent will be asked by a sellers is what is being done to sell their property. For this reason we design a specific marketing plan to sell your property. As a seller you will be informed about a buyer’s decision making process and how to use that to your advantage. The marketing plan will be implemented to bring your property to the market in the most desirable way possible.


    Determining a property positioning strategy for your property
    Alerting buyers to your property using the most appropriate marketing tools available
    Maximum usage of the Internet and the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)
    Property exposure to a large number of buyers and to our network of brokers so as to increase interest from as many qualified parties as possible
    Contacting friends and neighbors who may be aware of others possibly living in your community
    The usage of the Global Relocation network if and when appropriate
    Complete management of all inquiries about your property
    Monitoring and communicating feedback recieved during the listing period



  • Preparing a property

    When selling property we understand that first impressions are crucial. Prior to inviting any potential buyers into your home everything that can make a property as attractive as possible to buyers should be done. As real estate agents we very familiar with how to improve your chances of selling your property and will discuss these with you.

    When and if needed recommendations will be made for such considerations as cosmetic changes including painting, cleaning the yard, and determining the best way to stage your property for buyers

    Professional inspections may be neccessary prior to making your property available for sale on the market. Inspections will provide a clear view of your property’s physical condition and will help avoid any suprises during the sales transaction.

    When appropriate advise you to purchase a 1 year home warranty plan for the buyer


  • Photography services

    Recently study by the National Assoc. of Realtors revealed that 84% of those buying homes indicated that multiple photographs are the most important consideration when viewing homes on the Internet.

    Pacific Union GMAC requires that each and every home listed by our real estate office is photographed by a professional photographer, not the listing agent or company that installs the signage at the property.

    We use only skilled photographers who know that impact that proper lighting, staging, and composition can have on the final result as viewed by visitors to our website. Having professional photographs of your property ensure the value of your home is maximized.

    We recieve press ready photos within 24 hours of a photo session

    Photographers retouch and format all photographs

    Photographs are optimized for both print and web marketing purposes


  • Online Marketing

    The Internet has impacted how consumers obtain information

    When using the Internet to find their next home, homebuyers have become as common as those ordering books or airline tickets online. A recent study by the National Assoc. of Realtors discovered that increased a staggering 78% from 1995 to the year 2006.

    Buyers have come to appreciate that real estate websites such as ours have much more detailed information and photographs than conventional print media. Additionally Internet real estate databases are searchable and buyers can use specific parameters to tailor their search results.

    Pacific Union GMAC Research is Unmatched!

    Knowing that it has become a fact that the majority of homebuyers begin their search for a home on the Internet our office has established the finest real estate website in all of Northern California.

    Your property will appear on hundreds of regional and major real estate related websites when you hire us to sell your real estate. In addtion to being listed on our web site your property will appear with custom text and enhanced photographs on the first choice of most homebuyers when using the Internet – Realtor.com.

    Our aggressive online marketing efforts ensure that your property will be viewed by millions of both local and international real estate buyers. We realize that this is the kind of exposure your property needs – and deserves!


  • Negotiating the Sale

    I understand that while many individuals appreciate and enjoy negotiation, many others simply dread it. Regardless, when selling a property you want the most capable negotiator on your team. Our real estate agents’ experience will be with you every step of the way.

    Discussion of negotiaton approaches and strategies are provided to property owner that lists with us, accompanied with what is considered to be the best options for each circumstance

    Current market conditions are taken into account to assist in negotiating the best price and terms for your property

    Assistance is provided to evaluate a buyer’s qualifications presenting an offer on your property. When needed a mortgage lender will be available to accommodate a mortgage approval

    Conditions of every offer and their possible impact on the transaction will be discussed

    Revision of the Sellers Cost (or Net) Sheet and calculation of net proceeds based on a negotiated sales price

    Assist sellers make informed decisions

    Counseling on options for the presentation of offers on your property


  • Closing Process

    Throughout the closing period, generally between 30 and 60 days, we will assist with the handling of important details for the purpose of meeting deadlines intended to bring the escrow to a smooth and trouble free close.

    Verification that escrow has been initiated, provide a calendar of events, and the monitoring of contingency periods and inspections

    When requested or practical an Realtor will attend property inspections

    Upon recieving the preliminary title search a Realtor will discuss the results and any contract guidelines

    If possible monitoring the buyer’s loan process to ensure all is running smoothly

    Timely updates of the closing process status

    When requested a continuation of marketing efforts will continue during and beyond the contingency period relative to market considerations